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 Totally Live  ~  No Tracks   ~   Sounds like the record

Testimonials / Reviews

Rick Stewart - Houston Freightliner Corporate Event

Houston, Texas

"Amazing! Seriously you guys were amazing. Can't thank you enough for coming out and sharing in our event."

Speaking Rock Casino

El Paso, Texas

"Come and see for yourself why people dance all night to INXSIVE and cheer for more at the end. INXSIVE flawlessly executes all of INXS' Top 40 hits. There are few 80's tribute acts that come as close to being as true to the real things as INXSIVE.

Music Connection Magazine

"If the objective of a tribute band is to help people experience the magical brillance of the world's best pop music, INXSIVE achieved that goal with it's performance."


Lara Anderson ~ Mayor

City of Dana Point

"INXSIVE Is a great band, playing great music for a guaranteed great time! 

The highlight of our Summer Concert Series"

Edward Padgett ~ Times Online

"INXSIVE plays a tight set with everyone in the band right on track.  I highly recommend seeing this band in person, and I promise you won't be disappointed in the least"

Ed Decker ~ freelance music journalist and columnist

"INXSIVE did what a tribute band is supposed to do. They emulate their prototype. And they certainly did that. From the look, moves and voice of the lead vocalist, who clearly worked on his Michael Hutchence imitation, to the band as a whole, their tones and nuances, it was an extraordinary, almost flawless performance."

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